Romantic weekend in Paris – what is worth seeing?

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If you are planning a trip to the French capital with someone you love, it is mandatory to get acquainted with the places that are conducive to long walks for two!

Marais district

The narrow streets of this oldest district of Paris, especially Vosges Square and Turenne Street, are ideal places for a romantic stroll. Give yourself a few hours to become thoroughly acquainted with this part of Paris, which is full of atmospheric squares, charming old palaces dating back to the Renaissance, and even medieval buildings (Hotel de Sens). This walk will surely change your imagination and hearts. The Marais district is also a fantastic place for shopping if you and your half enjoy strolling through the boutiques together.

Boulevards on the Seine

The Boulevards on the Seine are a paradise for lovers, provided you know where to start your walk. We suggest starting at the St Michel metro station and walking along the left bank of the river, or on Ile St Louis around the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral square. A cruise on the Seine is also an option to consider, followed by a walk around the cathedral, the Pont d’Alma bridge and other places along the river depending on where you end up on the cruise. We also recommend sitting by the Seine at dusk – the best way to enjoy the setting sun in the capital of love.


A stroll through the charming Montmartre district will transport you to another time-space. Everyone will probably love its cobbled winding streets, full of artists painting still life or cityscapes. Moreover, from the Montmartre Hill, a magnificent view of the Paris skyline opens up. The Montmartre district is so cool that noisy and tourist-filled places here are interspersed with intimate and secluded corners. Thus, Montmartre is bustling, but also peaceful.

Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is all about hidden passageways, antique shops, authentic cafes and elegant parks. It is also one of the most romantic places in Paris. Take a stroll through the Saint Michel district, near the old Sorbonne, and then take a literary stroll through Paris. Visit the resting place of luminaries in the Pantheon, have a coffee in Hemingway’s pub, and then head west to the elegant Luxembourg Garden, where Marius and Cosette from Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables met.

Away from the crowds and bustle

Sometimes you feel like escaping the crowds of tourists to quieter places. Take a stroll along the Saint Martin canal in the eastern part of Paris. This is a great option for couples who have been to Paris before and want to experience a different side of it. An even more intimate spot is Butte-aux-Cailles in the southern part of the city. If the weather is fine, head to the Buttes-Chaumont park. This is one of the most romantic corners of Paris with winding alleys, grottoes, a mysterious lake and a variety of trees and plants. You can also take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city while strolling along the Viaduct of the Arts (Le Viaduc des Arts), which brings together art galleries and artisan boutiques surrounded by lush vegetation.

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