Private islands increasingly popular

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Private islands are very elite and often indicate not only the owner’s wealth, but also his imagination. Mostly very wealthy and famous people allow themselves such a purchase, but also those less known try to imitate them, although on a smaller scale. Let’s check what are the pros and cons of owning your own island.

The advantages of having your own island

Having your own island is all about peace and privacy. It makes us feel more luxurious. Nowadays, when we are not sure about the next day, our own island gives us security and isolation. We can also enjoy a private beach, which gives us a lot of independence. Of course, there will be a small harbor near the island, so we can dock our boat, motorboat or yacht. The place for our means of transport will be adjusted to its size

A huge advantage of own island are also independent sources of energy, such as batteries charged with solar energy. Solar panels make it very easy to get electricity. In addition, modern islands have the possibility of partial water recovery, which is a very ecological solution. Today, islands are equipped to have all the comforts of land-based homes. Another big plus is the fact that on an island you can find a lot of wonderful vegetation that makes you feel like you are in the middle of the jungle. You can marvel at peach, orange or pomegranate trees and have their fruits at your fingertips. A very well placed island will also have access to a coral reef. Such wonderful and unspoiled places are not very far from civilization. The islands available for purchase have land in their vicinity where there is access to both a hospital and stores. For added convenience, island owners can have their own helipad to get to land much faster in case of an accident. Private islands also have other amenities available to wealthier individuals. These include their own tennis courts, as well as swimming pools or recreational trails. However, having such a paradise on earth costs a lot.

The downside of owning your own island

Unfortunately having your own island can be very expensive. Much depends on its location and size. For a house with an island and all the amenities, such as electricity and access to drinking water, we have to pay at least a million euros. Prices of villas with swimming pools located on islands reach up to 100 million euros. Another disadvantage is that not every island is close to the mainland. If you want to get to civilization quickly, you have to reckon with much higher costs

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Private islands – luxury hotels surrounded by water

If you dream of having a private island, you don’t have to buy one on your own. It is possible to rent it – just like a hotel room. However, the prices can be very surprising. They range from 15 to even 24 thousand dollars per night. Such luxury is expensive, but allows for complete privacy and a wonderful experience.

Some of the most popular islands to rent are Coco Privé Kuda Hithi, Tagomago and Motu Tane. The former is a small island ideal for up to 12 people. It has up to 4 swimming pools, a library, a gym, a spa and private beaches. Cooks, masseurs and hostesses take care of your comfort. We can also count on great diving experience. A private instructor will teach us breathing in an oxygen mask and swimming in full costume. The cost of staying on this island is 24 thousand dollars per day.

Tagomago is a small Spanish island of 60 hectares that lies only one kilometer from the very partying Ibiza. The house is located in the center of the island. It features a lighthouse, as well as a beautiful nature reserve. There are waiters, a chef, a water sports instructor and housekeepers available for guests. You have to pay $24,000 per night to rent this island as well.

Motu Tane is one of the most exclusive private islands for rent. Since it is very close to the island of Bora-Bora, you can enjoy great views, but also have the opportunity to dive. There are as many as 12 cottages available on the island, equipped with kitchens, dining areas and bathrooms – each with a unique bath made of volcanic lava. Kayaks and yachts are available for guests to use.

Celebrities who have their own island

Many celebrities have their own islands to make them feel a little more at ease. Marlon Brando has an island in French Polynesia that is as large as 6 square kilometers. Nicolas Cage was also tempted to have his own piece of land in the middle of the ocean. For 3 million dollars he bought Reef Liszt, which is characterized by beautiful sandy beaches and freshwater ponds. Among the lucky owners of the islands is also Johnny Depp. The actor playing the role of Captain Jack Sparrow bought the island in 2004 after filming Pirates of the Caribbean. Little Halls Pond Cay in the Bahamas cost $3.6 million.

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