Unusual moments in Japan. What is worth seeing in the country of the cherry blossom?

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Whether you rely on metropolitan sightseeing during your trip or prefer to spend time surrounded by nature, a vacation spent in Japan is sure to please you!

When is the best time to go to Japan?

Before you start planning your list of places to see in Japan, think about the timing of your trip. Guidebooks tell you that the best time to travel is spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November). These dates are related to the low amount of rainfall during these months and the optimal temperature for sightseeing. 

What is interesting about Japan?

Japan is a kind of mix of tourist attractions! Great metropolises, huge cultural heritage (including UNESCO-listed sites) and even mountainous landscapes. It is certainly a country that surprises anyone who decides to come to it. A perfect example is Tokyo, which arouses surprise in tourists visiting the city for the first time. Most people expect a modern city, and see architectural confusion straight from the 1980s.

Nevertheless, it is worth visiting the city if only to go to the Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck. This building measures 634 meters and is the second tallest building in the world. From the observation deck of Tokyo Sky Tree there is an excellent view of the metropolitan skyline, the coast, as well as the mountain that is one of the symbols of Japan – Fuji.

What to see in Japan?

It is worth going to Matsumoto to enjoy the views. This small town is surrounded by mountains and is home to one of Japan’s most important castles, which was built in the 16th century. A short distance (about 30 km) from Matsumoto is the Nakasendo Trail, which is definitely worth climbing! The trail leads through high mountains, but also through forests and small villages. Also worth seeing is Ontake-san, which is the second highest active volcano in Japan, located near the trail.

Experience Japanese culture in Kyoto!

An extremely popular destination among tourists. Millions of tourists visit this city every year. Despite the considerable tourist traffic, Kyoto is well worth a visit. This former seat of the emperor is home to several hundred temples and chrams. You will also find numerous museums, extensive parks or magnificent Japanese gardens. Kyoto is home to several huge Buddhist complexes, whose grandeur is added by masterpieces of wooden architecture and extensive and beautiful gardens. Kyoto is considered the cradle of Japanese culture, so it is recommended to visit it by all people who are fascinated by the country’s history and tradition.

Sushi bar – the culinary side of travel

A trip to Japan is not only about visiting interesting cities, hiking mountain trails or visiting places associated with the country’s rich culture. A trip to Japan is also a lot of new culinary experiences! While in the country, you should definitely go to a traditional sushi bar, where the dish can, for example, float in wooden boats. This amazing culinary experience is sure to be a great addition to your trip to Japan.

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