Fashionable gold accessories for the living room

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Interior trends and clothing fashion in a given season usually draw on similar inspirations. Boho, japanese and art déco dominate. Gold accessories go well with all of them.

Gold is a color that blends very well with other colors. Golden accessories are so universal that they suit almost every interior. You can diversify loft rooms, glamour, boho. What accessories should you choose to diversify and fashionably decorate your living room? Here we suggest!

Textiles with gold woven in

Gold and accessories with its use is an absolute must-have in the fashionable living room! There is no easier way to change the character and decor of the interior than changing the textiles. Pillows with golden details, golden prints on curtains, gold-embroidered runner or tablecloth.

Fabrics may be in color of matt, old or shiny gold. Let us not be afraid of this color. Gold combines perfectly with white, black, green, shades of blue. It will not hurt to combine it with idyllic boho style – natural flowers, straw and wood.

Golden frames

Photo frames or mirror frames in the color of gold are another stylish addition to the living room. Such a frame is a wall decoration in itself. Frames can be hung or placed on the furniture either individually or in sets. Such a wall will attract attention and draw the eyes of guests.

In the living room we can also hang a mirror framed in a golden frame. Thanks to its use, the room will seem larger and better illuminated. The mirror itself will be the decoration and variety of the interior.

Rich lighting

A great solution for a living room is to bet on lighting with a gold theme. We are not only talking about hanging lamps and chandeliers or wall lamps. It is worth betting on the lanterns and torches that have been fashionable for several seasons. Gilded, glazed decorations will go well with vivid candlelight and subtle battery lamps.

Shelves, consoles, and tables

If we care about a strong gold accent in the living room, it is worth thinking about additional furniture with such a finish. Golden bookcases and decorations, a golden console or a coffee table will break the interior. Very fashionable are both simple and highly decorated living room furniture in shades of gold. This is a clear reference to art déco and the fashion of the time. References to floral and plant motifs are particularly popular this season.

Gold flower pots, tableware and gadgets

Following the current trends, we cannot forget about typical living room decorations: vases, flower pots, decorations and figurines to place on shelves and tableware. Whether you want glamorous glamour or just a small decorative touch, there is something for everyone

A great option is a gold wall clock or a trendy retro alarm clock. Gold monstera leaves, branches and dried flowers for table and console decoration remain in fashion. Animal motifs are also invariably part of current trends. Gold figurines of cats, birds, and even fun bookends in the shape of warthogs.

Gold is not just one shade. Apart from matte and shiny versions, we may decide on very fashionable accessories in the shade of rose gold. Such decorations will look great on a dark background. They will also combine beautifully with floral themes on wallpapers and soft textiles.

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