Are you a coffee drinker? Meet the world’s most expensive coffees

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Who can imagine life without coffee? And who would have thought that there live among us coffee drinkers ready to give up thousands of dollars for a kilogram of unique beans? Meet the 6 most expensive varieties of coffee, appreciated for their unique taste!

Black Ivory, about $1,100 per kg

This unique kind of coffee comes from Thailand. Its distinctive feature is that the beans are, as it were, passed through the digestive system of an elephant. Simply put, the animal eats the coffee beans, which are then subjected to digestive juices. These break down the proteins responsible for the coffee’s bitterness, giving it a velvety taste. To get one kilogram of finished product, an elephant must eat about 33 kilograms of beans combined with cane sugar, rice and fruit.

Kopi Luwak, about $650 per kg

Like Black Ivory, Kopi Luwak is obtained through a unique processing method. In this case, the coffee beans are processed in the digestive systems of Asian palm weasels. For the unique taste of the drink is responsible for civet, which is – beware! – dried extract from the perianal glands of these cute animals. We hasten to reassure you that the thermal treatment of the finished beans ensures the complete absence of pathogenic bacteria in the finished product. Kopi Luwak coffee is characterized by a delicate, rich flavor with distinct hints of caramel and chocolate.

Geisha, about  $220 per kg

The coffee beans owe their unique flavor to their cultivation on the volcanic soil surrounding the Baru volcano. Hidden from the scorching sun in the shade of guava, the beans have a specific flavor and rich aroma, appreciated by the world’s coffee connoisseurs. Mandarin and jasmine in the aroma and bergamot in the flavor exclusively characterize the coffee from Hacienda La Esmeralda. You’ll remember it by its high lemony acidity and lingering sweet aftertaste.

Blue Mountain, about  $220 per kg

An Arabica variety that grows only in the fertile and mineral-rich Jamaican soil. The microclimate prevailing in Jamaica affects the color and shape of the coffee beans. The latter are blue-green and unusually round. It also happens that beans from the same harvest can be completely different. Blue Mountain coffee is exceptionally soft and smooth, devoid of bitterness and distinctly fruity.

Saint Helena, about  $220 per kg

This unique variety of Arabica grows in an ecologically pure area far from human civilization. This is where Napoleon Bonaparte stayed in exile and it is said that coffee was the only thing the former ruler enjoyed. One feels a distinct sweetness and nutty notes in the finished drink. The coffee develops a rich bouquet of flavors and aromas, ranging from citrus to floral. The drink has a dark color and a thick consistency.

Finca El Injerto, about $100 per kg

An expensive and popular grade of coffee, appreciated by coffee drinkers for its rich flavor and aroma. The coffee owes its uniqueness to the cloudy and rainy weather in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. The high humidity helps eliminate acidity in the finished beverage and endows coffee drinkers with a unique aroma that is hard to forget. We should add that El Injerto is the leader in terms of the number of awards collected at prestigious coffee championships. 

main photo: Guina

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