Are you a foodie? Explore the world’s most expensive dishes

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Some people make food a true art. What makes the world’s most expensive food so special that wealthy people are willing to pay so much for it? Which dishes are the most valued? Here is our list

The most expensive pizza, or highest quality ingredients – 36.5 thousand PLN

Pizza is undoubtedly a dish which was born out of poverty rather than exaggerated prosperity. A round pie with everything that needed to be consumed quickly was a way to make the most of the leftovers in the fridge. But it turns out that this popular dish today has a version that rivals the price of the cheapest showroom car. Pizza Louis XIII from Salerno costs 36.5 thousand zlotys. Why such a price? In its composition there is everything that is the best. Organic flour, from which the dough is raised for 72 hours, the best mozzarella in the world, three kinds of exquisite caviar, seven kinds of cheese, Norwegian truffles and lobster. Served only with the finest spirits!

Royal Yubari melons from Japan – 98 thousand zlotys

Fruits are also extremely expensive. Yubari melons grown in Hokkaido are among the most expensive in the whole world. What determines their dizzying prices? The shape is the most important factor. The most expensive among them are perfectly round

Golden ice cream – 38 thousand zlotys per serving

A dessert can also be literally ‘worth its weight in gold’. The New York restaurant Serendipity 3 serves its customers ice cream, which is decorated with a decoration made of 23-carat gold. This is not the only exclusive element in the offered dessert. In addition to three scoops of vanilla ice cream, it also contains caviar and chocolate truffles

The most expensive caviar in the world – 94.5 thousand PLN for a tin

Caviar is considered one of the symbols of luxury. However, among the products in this category there are those that are an absolute rarity and are exorbitantly expensive. This is especially true of the product obtained from the most expensive fish in the world, namely bluefin tuna, worth 736 thousand dollars. When converted to zlotys, the price of one can of caviar is over 90 thousand dollars

The most expensive ham in the world – 8 thousand zlotys for 7 kg

Although compared to caviar, the most expensive ham in the world is worth very little, but still this is not money that the average bread eater can spend on such a product. Originating from Spain, Iberico ham is made from the meat of black Iberian pigs that feed on the acorns of cork oaks. It is marinated for a long three years. Be sure to serve it with red wine!

The most expensive muffin in the world – 3.7 thousand zlotys

It turns out that gold can be edible. A few lucky people who can afford to buy the “Golden Phoenix” muffin from hot Dubai can see for themselves. What is the composition of this cake? Of course, this dessert is made from the best ingredients. Organic flour, Italian chocolate and vanilla imported from Uganda. Plus strawberries dipped in gold and edible flakes made of the same bullion. A real work of art, for which we will pay 3.7 thousand zlotys

Potatoes can also be stunningly expensive – 2.8 thousand zlotys per kilogram

There seems to be nothing in potatoes that could make us treat them as an exclusive product. But this is a completely wrong impression. Why? Because of the price of La Bonnotte potatoes, which are grown on the Ile de Noirmoutier island off the Atlantic coast of France. For one kilo of this specialty you will pay as much as 2.8 thousand zlotys. In this case we pay not only for the unique species, but also for a completely unusual way of cultivation. They are watered with sea water and fertilized with algae thrown out by the sea. Their tenderness, slightly salty taste and citrus scent are emphasized. Only 100 tons of these potatoes are harvested annually.

Photo by Jer Chung/Pexels

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