How to organize a wedding in classic style?

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A classic style wedding is distinguished by simplicity and sophistication. If you are planning an elegant reception inspired by the classics, it is worth taking care that everything – from the styling of the bride and groom, through the choice of cake and decorations, to the wedding hall – is kept in a coherent style. Read our guide and find out what to pay attention to when organizing a wedding.

There will always be fashion for classics. A wedding in the classical style is a proposal for couples, who appreciate timeless elegance, simplicity and minimalism. A big facilitation in organizing the wedding is choosing the theme and dominant color accent. For the classic style match colors such as: deep red, dark green, navy blue, écru and gold.

Classic wedding invitations

Classic wedding invitations should be minimalistic. It is worth resigning from excessive decorations in favor of subtle details. It is good that the wedding theme color appears on the bow or envelope of the invitation. If you are looking for an appropriate color, it is worth betting on a bold, romantic and royal red, and thus decide on red wedding invitations. An elegant red background with the golden initials of the bride and groom in the center is a simple but very impressive solution. When it comes to classic wedding invitations it is worth paying attention to all the details – font, embossing, envelope design and quality and weight of the paper – especially white with a subtle texture of linen will work.

Wedding Hall Decorations and Decorations

Classic wedding celebrations can combine both tradition and modern elegance. When organizing a wedding, the reception venue plays a significant role. The rich halls of a castle, palace, or tasteful banquet halls are suitable for the location of a classic style wedding. When it comes to choosing the decoration in the classical style, it is worth betting on the minimalistic decor of the hall with subtle additions and beautiful flower compositions on the tables. Fresh flowers, such as roses, dahlias, peonies, lilies, as well as crystals, candelabra and candles of simple form will add character to the ceremony. It is worth paying attention to the tableware and choose elegant cutlery, crystal glasses and matching table covers in a subdued color.

The cake for a wedding in classical style should be both tasty and adjusted in style to the remaining decorations. It is worth resigning from excessive decorations and heavy sugar paste. A minimalist style cake can be decorated with fresh flowers, macaroons and edible gold.

Bridal styling

At a classic style wedding, the bride will look beautiful in a delicate dress with a corset and a smooth flowing bottom. A dress with an A-line cut is also considered very elegant. Many women also appreciate minimalist cuts, which can be complemented with jewelry and a romantic veil. An extension of the wedding dress can also be a spectacular train. It is important to maintain moderation and that the dress emphasizes the beauty of the bride. As for the groom, classic tailor-made suits make the biggest impression. An elegant wedding suit in black or navy blue, matched with a timeless white shirt is a safe choice. At a classic style wedding there is no room for experimenting with colors and cuts. A tuxedo can be an alternative to a suit.

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