The world’s most luxurious restaurants

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How much can a visit to a restaurant cost? If we happen to complain about the prices of meals in the places we know, they are nothing compared to those charged by the most expensive restaurants in the world. Even a pretty good salary is certainly not enough to frequent them. How much can you spend on food in such a place?

Luxury restaurants – what distinguishes them?

Of course, first of all the prices, which are counted in thousands of zlotys – the most luxurious ones even amount to several thousand. Lists of such places arouse great interest, and they themselves become local attractions. It’s worth adding, however, that you’re paying not so much for the food as for the reputation of the place or the special atmosphere it offers. Most often these aren’t places where you’ll pay several thousand zlotys for dessert. Sometimes they serve multi-course feasts. Here are the most famous of the most expensive restaurants from around the world.

SubliMotion in Ibiza

For a 20-course tasting set you will pay at least 1500 euros. What makes it so special? The chef is Spanish master of molecular gastronomy Paco Roncero. The food is prepared here by a dozen or so cooks who use experimental cooking techniques. The dishes are served in an unusual way, because they are accompanied by… special effects. These include spinning plates, light effects and drinks which mix by themselves. Apparently, the facilities are not so much like the kitchen in a typical restaurant as a small laboratory.

Probably the high prices are also due to the fact that the staff has to prepare properly for each tasting-show. Hence, they are held only twice a day – customers have three hours to taste all the specialties. The whole effect is completed by sound impressions, illusions and projections displayed on the walls.

Conrad Rangali Island in the Maldives

It’s common knowledge that the Maldives is known for its paradisiacal beaches, stunning wildlife, and a cuisine rich in various species of fish. However, it turns out that the lucky ones can taste the specialties even underwater. One of the hotels allows you to dine 5 meters under the surface of the ocean – you can admire its views through a panoramic window on the underwater world. There are only two drawbacks – European cuisine is served here and you have to pay $300 for a one-time entry.

Plaza Athénéé in Paris

The restaurant is run by Alain Ducasse, which is one of the culinary legends in France. You have to pay up to $500 for a dinner based on organic and regional products. The interior is decorated in a luxurious way, but also with taste. There is the largest crystal chandelier in the world. The restaurant has three Michelin stars.

Masa in New York City

Although sushi bars are not associated with luxury, the three-star Masa is rightly considered one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. You have to pay up to $600 for a meal for one person.

What is so special about this place that such high prices prevail? Especially the chef Masa Takayama is admired and the place is very fashionable, with show business stars appearing there. The meal lasts three hours and consists of Japanese cuisine made from the highest quality ingredients. Also, the interior design is made of very precious materials imported straight from Japan.

Per Se in New York City

The restaurant is famous because of its owner, who is chef Thomas Keller. Choosing one of the two tasting sets costs up to $325. Each of them consists of nine dishes, plus the restaurant tempts with a great view of Central Park. Seating is limited!

Noma in Copenhagen

There is a restaurant in the Danish capital that serves relatively simple and seasonal dishes. Despite this, it has achieved two Michelin stars. You pay 250 euros for dinner here. Booking a seat? Bordering on the miraculous, of course.

photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

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