Exclusive accessories that will transform the look of your bedroom

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The bedroom is one of the simplest rooms in terms of furnishings. Any material is suitable for finishing, and the list of necessary furniture is short and obvious. In such conditions it is quite easy to overdo the decorations, as well as to fall into banality. 

If, standing in the middle of your bedroom, you find it lacking something, take a peek at our list of exclusive accessories and see if they wouldn’t enliven your bedroom space!

Dishes and sculptures

You can decorate any bedroom, whether modest or lavishly decorated, with dishes or sculptures that are appropriate to the interior. Figures can stand on the floor, shelves or bedside tables. If you decide on some large vase, stop at one, keeping in mind that such an acquisition will look good in a fairly spacious bedroom. A set of several small sculptures or vessels will look better in small rooms.

Plants and flowers

Green plants are not only a decoration of the bedroom, but also its “lungs”. They make the air cleaner and crisper, which promotes a deeper and healthier sleep. You can place pots, vases and flower boxes wherever you like, from the windowsill to the headboard of the bed. Just remember that not all plants bring good energy into our home. Nor are they all good for your health.

Stereoscopic wallpaper

This is the best idea for owners of small apartments. Stereoscopic wallpaper at the headboard or opposite the bed will beautify your bedroom and make it more spacious. The wallpaper can cover the wall completely or act as a gateway to another wonderful dream world. In bedrooms, wallpapers with huge flowers going deep into forest ducts, flowing rivers or waterfalls falling from vertical walls look impressive. 


Thin, semi-transparent fabric, surrounding your bed, is not only a bedroom decoration, but also a functional object. With the help of a canopy you will darken your sleeping space, build a soothing and intimate atmosphere, and protect yourself from the attack of persistent insects.


In the morning, many of us awkwardly try to find a watch on the bedside table in the first place. To curb this search, we suggest hanging a stylish clock opposite or above the headboard of the bed. In a bedroom decorated in an old-fashioned style, a pendulum or cuckoo clock will look great. But beware: the mechanism resounding in the night silence may disturb your sleep, although you might as well get used to it.


Looking at colorful exotic fish fills you with peace, relaxes and calms you down. In view of this, why not complement your bedroom interior with a stylish aquarium? This idea is worth considering, although it undoubtedly requires quite a large investment, especially if you dream of an impressive tank in which you will arrange a real home sea. Even a small aquarium with a few interesting specimens will color and enliven the bedroom.


Installing a real fireplace in the bedroom is a labor-intensive and expensive task. However, the effect is worth the effort. On an autumn or winter evening, wrapped in a woolen blanket and looking at the dancing tongues of fire, you will say “thank you” a thousand times to yourself for this decision. And if you don’t want to make such drastic changes in your home, you can always think about an electric fireplace, which is dirt-free, lightweight, and at the same time imitates a real fire and fills your bedroom with invigorating warmth.

main photo: unsplash.com/Spacejoy

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