Green luxury, or the most beautiful and expensive flowers in the world

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Flowers are the most natural and precious beauty of this world. Their value largely depends on how rare the specimen is. The rarer the flower, the more it will cost. Let’s take a look at some of these most beautiful and expensive specimens.

Fredclarkear Black Orchid After Dark “SVO Black Pearl”

One of the world’s most beautiful orchid varieties not found in the wild – it is a cross between three types of orchids. The flowers of the black orchid are tulip shaped and gathered in clusters at the top of a long stem. Its petals are dark, almost black in color and have a red sheen. The plant spreads a honey and spicy aroma around it. Black orchid is not available in Polish stores. Flower lovers import the flower from abroad. Its price ranges from 150 to 250 zlotys without the shipment costs.


Medinilla impresses everyone with its pale pink clusters of flowers. However its cultivation is not an easy task. Not only because of the high price of the plant itself (from 150 PLN) but also because it is difficult to propagate and it is very demanding as far as light and humidity levels are concerned, like most of the epiphytes. Therefore, it is best to enjoy its view in a botanical garden or a hothouse.

Strongylodon macrobotrys

Also known as emerald or jade vine, this exotic plant is a typical member of the butterfly family. Inconspicuous peas and inconspicuous beans, however, are distant relatives of this showy plant. The vine grows on moist and boggy soils under the cover of trees in the forests of southwest Asia, Africa and Madagascar. When in bloom, it is covered with long (up to two meters) dense clusters of flowers that are shaped like tiger fangs. Although Strongylodon can be red, purple and raspberry colored, the most beautiful variety is the one with emerald green flowers. This is a unique coloration in the plant world, not seen in any other representative of the flora. Even the pollination of this exotic plant takes place in a rather unusual way – it is done by bats and night butterflies. The price of strongylodon reaches 1000 dollars.

Cultivated saffron

On the list of the most expensive flowers in the world can not miss saffron. The cultivated crocus is valued not for its beauty, but for what it hides inside the flower. The value of the plant is determined by the long-necked pistil, which ends in a tripartite orange stigma. Dried crocus stigmas are the most expensive spice in the world. It takes 160,000 crocus flowers to produce one kilogram of saffron.

Kinabalu Gold Orchid

This truly chic orchid is one of the most expensive and rarest flowers in the world. It was discovered in 1987 and is almost completely extinct. As it is classified as an extinct and therefore protected species, you can only get it on the black market.

The orchid flower from Kinabalu National Park on Borneo Island has original petal shape. To see it live, however, you have to be patient – the “gold of Kinabalu” blooms every fifteen years and, as if that wasn’t enough, only for a short time – from April to May.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

The most expensive orchid in the world and also one of the most expensive flowers you can buy. It was named after a group of Chinese scientists at a research center in Shenzhen, who spent almost ten years working to breed it. The plant differs from its brethren by the light green hue of its petals and the flowers with a bright center.

It is an extremely capricious plant – it takes five years for the first flowers to develop on it, but patience pays off. In 2005, the plant was sold at auction to an anonymous flower lover who paid more than $200,000 for it. The orchid thus became the most expensive flower ever bought.

Sweet Juliet rose

This variety of bush rose is known in its homeland as “the flower worth 3 million pounds sterling”. That’s how much selector David Austin spent to grow the perfect plant. The British breeder set out to create a flower with the shape of an old garden rose and a beautiful, subtle fragrance. It took him 15 years to develop it.

Austin showed his roses to the public at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in 2006. Visitors were enchanted by the perfection of the flowers with their peachy-morel shade and darker bud. They were also impressed by the astronomical price, which made the rose the most expensive flower in the world. Today, Sweet Juliet rose seedlings can be purchased for less money.

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