Designer armchairs for the living room

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Designer armchairs in the living room make it very cozy and we feel more comfortable in it. They are the perfect addition to the living room, but they will also work well in other rooms. A designer armchair will always be an eye-catcher and at the same time it will make us feel very comfortable and relaxed in it.

Which armchair to choose for the living room?

Designer armchairs for the living room can be chosen in different designs and sizes. Small armchairs that have a bucket shape will definitely work. They have a low backrest and are somewhat reminiscent of designs created in the 1960s. Despite their retro style, they surprise us with their versatility and classic look, thanks to their wooden armrests, among other things. They can be used as table chairs, but they will also perfectly complement the space when placed next to a coffee table. It is worth checking if, despite its small size, the seat depth is not less than 40 cm. When choosing armchairs it is very important to find one whose seat is at least 50 or 60 cm deep.

In the case of armchairs for relaxation it is necessary to choose a model with a high backrest – it should provide comfortable support for the head. Only in such an armchair model will we feel fully relaxed. Most of the day we hold our heads rather stiffly and chairs at work do not provide sufficient support for our shoulders or arms. We should be able to do this in lounge chairs. The height of the backrest should not be less than 70 cm. In such a piece of furniture we will be able to sink in and comfortably sit down while reading a book.

A lambskin in a modern edition

Among the designer armchairs, there was no shortage of space for the modern edition of the earhook. Its history is very interesting and, contrary to appearances, it does not come from Sweden. It was created in 1600 in Great Britain, where it was often cold in castles and manor houses. Cladding of sides and backrest was necessary to keep proper thermal comfort. Inward curved elements of the backrest – including its upper part where the head is – made aristocrats feel more cozy. This model has remained in a similar form to this day. In modern design, the classic wingsback chair has geometric quilting, and the curved upper part of the backrest stands out strongly from the built-up, but straight bottom with fabric-covered armrests. More futuristic designs of earflaps have undulations in the armrests, as well as a rather simple backrest, which does not take up as much space as classic armchairs once created for the aristocracy. A real hit in furniture stores nowadays is the earlobe chair with adjustable backrest. Thanks to this we can adjust the angle of the backrest to our needs

Take care of your comfort

Many armchairs are also equipped with a footrest, providing us with full rest. It’s a great idea, but if you want to save more space, modern armchairs with retractable footrests are a good solution. Such models allow us to save space, but not at the expense of our comfort. With the touch of a button we can quickly change our classic armchair into one that will allow us to fully stretch our legs after a hard day’s work. More advanced designs of such armchairs have also massage functions. Thanks to it, we will surely fully relax.

There are also surprising armchairs that combine the functions of a table and a seat, have an unusual shape or are swivel, which makes them suitable for use in the office as well.

Before you choose the perfect model, find a suitable place for it. Let’s also make the armchair a leisure furniture. Surely, placing it right by a window with a view on a balcony or garden will allow for a nice relaxation. You can also place it in a classic way: by a fireplace or a TV set. It will certainly complete our living room and make it more cozy.

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