Marble bathroom – how to arrange it?

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Marble is a refined and noble material that can beautify any interior, giving it splendor and elegance. In recent years, it can be found in almost every room, not excluding the bathroom. The richness of colors and variety of textures make marble surfaces suitable for both modern and classic bathrooms.

What you need to know about marble in your bathroom?

Marble is a timeless material that has three main advantages. Firstly, it occurs naturally in nature. Secondly, it has a unique grain. Thirdly, it adds elegance and solemnity to the interior. Marble has many shades. With its help, you can not only decorate, but also optically correct the room. Light shades of marble will make the bathroom seem larger and more spacious, which is important in rooms with small areas. Natural stone works well with a variety of materials, which opens up many design possibilities. Marble tiles can be used in any style of bathroom, especially modern and classic ones.

Modern bathroom

Modern style is all about restraint and economy. In a bathroom arranged in a modern style, light shades of marble will work well: grays, whites and light browns. White marble will give the interior elegance, gray – will emphasize the severity of the interior, and light brown – will introduce a cozy atmosphere. In a modern bathroom there is no room for unnecessary elements, so the wall covered with marble will be the central decoration of the interior.

Bathroom in art déco style

Elegant and at the same time rich art déco style is meant to arouse admiration and make an impression, that is why you should choose marble with intricate and fanciful drawing to finish walls. In a bathroom decorated in such a way, bet on unconventional solutions. It can be a black glossy bathtub in the shape of a hexagon and a phenomenal chandelier in a diamond frame. In addition to marble, you can also use onyx, appreciated for its wide range of colors, light transmission and fanciful patterns.

An eco bathroom

Marble works beautifully with any shade of wood. You can introduce it as a contrast or choose wood in the same shade as the stone. Wood in a marble bathroom can appear as an equivalent fixture. In this case, wooden wall panels or wooden flooring will work well. You can also introduce it as a design addition by paying attention to wooden bathroom accessories. Marble combined with wood in your bathroom décor will give you a sense of connection with nature and an opportunity to experience natural beauty every day.

Bathroom in a classic style

In such interiors, marble in shades of beige, gray and white works well. It is best to choose tiles with subtle veining. Marble bathrooms in the classic style will look refined with black and white tiles or in a uniform light tone. A freestanding white bathtub and gold or copper fixtures go well with the classic style. If space allows, install the sink in a marble countertop in a contrasting color – brown, black or dark green. A classic-style marble bathroom will look great with wooden furniture decorated with carvings or simple, unfussy patterns.

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