Mystery box – or buying luxury brands blind!

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The latest shopping fad has gained huge popularity on social media. Prestigious brands are emptying their warehouses and customers are getting unique products in an original way

Videos published on YouTub or TikTok, in which authors boast about the contents of mysterious boxes reach several thousand views in the network. The creators of this idea are originators of the British start-up Heat. In the boxes you can find clothes from the collections of luxury brands. According to the creators, it is a more sustainable model of selling clothes and accessories and a greater pleasure for the person making the purchase. The company launched a year ago and works with brands such as Dior, Anderson, Nanushka, A Cold Wall and Vetements. The first mystery boxes that went on sale last year were extremely popular. 1000 pieces sold out in 20 minutes. The most important advertising aspect is the marketing of the infuencers, which Heat intended to act as brand curators

How to buy mystery box?

The offer is attractive for both brands and customers. The service helps to fight waste of unsold products or their drastic seasonal discounts, which lower the prestige of a brand. Thanks to this solution the biggest and most valued companies keep their brand identity and high status in the industry. Heat offers mystery boxes at two prices – £299 or £500. The value of the items that will be included in the cheaper package, according to the company’s statement, will always be higher and will range from £500 to £800. For the £500 set, the items will be worth more than £850. The products can be purchased through the Heat Box website.

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