6 French specialties you must try

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Dreaming of a trip to France? A culinary journey through French cuisine can be a substitute! Go to a good restaurant serving local specialties and enjoy the taste of the dishes.

French cuisine is not only seafood!

French cu isine is stereotypically associated mainly with seafood. However, this is an oversimplification! Seafood does indeed occupy an important place in French cuisine, but it is so diverse that focusing only on them would deprive us of many tasty culinary discoveries.

French dishes – what should you try?

Are you going on a trip to France? Or maybe you have the opportunity to try French specialties in a good restaurant? It doesn’t matter whether you visit a French restaurant in Paris or e.g. in Warsaw (more and more decent French restaurants are opening not only in our capital, but also in other cities – it’s worth keeping an eye on the pulse!), there are French dishes that are simply worth trying. Let’s start with dry dishes!

French dry dishes

What is the most popular French soup? Of course, soupe à l’oignon, or onion soup. Extremely flavorful and filling, French onion soup surprises with its sweetness, which comes from caramelized onions.

When listing the most important dry French dishes, you can’t leave out foie gras, a pâté made from goose and duck livers, which is usually served warm on sandwiches. It is considered by many to be a delicacy, but is met with disapproval by animal advocates due to the cruel treatment of geese and ducks.

Gourmets of French cuisine should also pay attention to the quiche lorraine, or the Lorraine pie. The flavor of this salty French tart pairs perfectly with the dry filling of bacon, onions, and cream. The Lorraine pie can be served as a cold appetizer, but it definitely tastes better served warm as a main course.

Sweet French dishes

It’s time for dessert the French way! There is definitely plenty to choose from! We’re going for the obvious first, which is crème brûlée – an exquisite dessert served in cocktails. This most popular French dessert is relatively simple to prepare. Crème brûlée is a delicate cream made of cream and eggs, which tastes best when it is strongly chilled and topped with still warm caramelized sugar. It’s quintessentially sweet French cuisine!

We think: sweet French dishes, we say: macarons! These little cookies have been breaking popularity records in Polish pastry shops for some time now. Macarons come from Italy, however they were spread by the French, and therefore they deserve a place in our list. Macarons resemble meringue – they are made of egg whites, sugar and ground almonds. These colorful crunchy cookies are layered with sweet cream. We recommend them to all lovers of sweet taste!

You can buyéclairs in our country in many patisseries, but only in France can you get éclair dizzy! We can find there éclairs in different flavors. While with us it is usually pudding cream, in France we can find éclairs filled with whipped cream, meringue cream, chocolate cream, and even cream flavored with salted caramel. Definitely worth looking for your favorite!

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